Club Osechi Allergy Information

The full lineup of dishes contained in this year's Club osechi is listed below, with allergy information in parentheses after the item.

For further information on ingredients, please contact 03-4588-0308 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Top Box

• Snake River Farms sous vide beef tenderloin and strip loin with horseradish cream (dairy)
• Country pork terrine (egg, dairy, soy)
• Chicken galantine (egg, dairy, soy, nuts)
• Soy-glazed duck with chestnuts (soy)
• Foie gras pâté
• Artisanal cheese (dairy)
• Nine-month-aged French jambon
• Ibérico de bellota salami
• Spanish chorizo (dairy)
• Raisins on the vine
• Dried apricots
• Dried white figs


Bottom Box

• Sofrimar Irish blue lobster
• Italian black, green and Gaeta olives with cornichons
• Smoked Hiroshima oysters
• Marinated salmon with dill
• Smoked scallops
• Caperberries
• Yuzu- and soy-marinated Spanish mackerel (soy)
• Fish terrine (egg, dairy)
• Whelk
• Shrimp
• Octopus
• Cured herring roe (soy)
• Italian caviar
• Blinis (egg, dairy)
• Vodka-infused cream (dairy)
• Brown crab rillettes (egg, dairy)
• Assorted nuts
• Pickled winter vegetables

Sweet Treats

• Chocolate sandwich cookies (egg, dairy, nuts, soy)
• Passionfruit and raspberry marshmallow
• Chocolate salami (egg, dairy, nuts, soy)
• Cheese and tomato biscuit (egg, dairy)
• Pistachio financier (egg, dairy, nuts)
• Pistachio and strawberry macaron (egg, dairy, nuts, soy)