Since the Club is a Member-owned institution, voting is at the core of its democratic processes.

The Club depends on Member participation in its annual election of the Board of Governors and in other crucial decisions that require a vote, including changes to the Club's Articles of Association and approval of the annual budget.

Eligible Members (see FAQ for eligibility details) are free to register as a Voting Member at any time.

Voting is an important responsibility, and failure to vote as a Voting Member will result in the loss of voting rights for 13 months and the inability to run for Club office for two years.

Registering to Vote
Registering to vote is straightforward. Complete the online registration form here.

Who can vote?
Primary Members (Resident Regular, Company Regular, Non-Resident Regular and Term Regular) and Designated Spouses who register as a Voting Member can vote.

How can I register as a Voting Member?
A Primary Member must complete an online voter registration application.

Can my spouse vote?
A Primary Member who has been in good standing for one year may designate their spouse to vote by completing and submitting an online Designated Spouse form. In doing so, the Primary Member loses the right to vote. The spouse must then complete and submit an online voter registration.

What happens if I register and do not vote?
Failure to vote will result in the loss of Voting Member status and you will be unable to reapply for 13 months following the missed vote. It will also result in a two-year ineligibility to run in the Board of Governors election, as a candidate must have Voting Member status for at least one year immediately prior to assuming office. It should also be noted that a Voting Member can only be expelled by a vote of the membership, whereas a Member without Voting Member status may be expelled by a vote of the Board of Governors. In addition, any Member wishing to serve as a standing committee chair must be a Voting Member in good standing or the spouse of a Voting Member.

When is a proxy needed?
A proxy is only needed if you cannot vote in advance of a general meeting or you cannot attend a general meeting to vote.

Who can I designate as my proxy?
Voting Members may only designate another Voting Member who attends a general meeting in person as their proxy. Proxy forms are available from the Management Office and cannot be submitted online. If a proxy is not designated, the Club’s representative governor or their designee will vote as the proxy. If a proxy is designated to a Member without Voting Member status, the vote will be deemed null and void and will result in the loss of Voting Member status.

Can my proxy change my vote?
If your ballot is partially or fully completed, your vote must be cast as indicated. If your ballot is blank, your proxy may cast your ballot at their discretion.

Must my proxy be present at the general meeting to cast my vote?
Yes, the Voting Member selected as your proxy must be present to cast your vote.