Japanese Garden Walks: Kita Kamakura Zen Gardens

Visit three stunning Zen temples in Kita Kamakura during the plum blossom season.

The itinerary includes Engaku Temple, one of the country’s leading Zen temples, Tokei Temple, known as a flower temple, Meigetsu Temple, famous for its round window that frames a garden view, and an authentic Zen vegetarian lunch at a Japanese restaurant.

Instructor: Kazuko Morio
Growing up in a house with a Japanese tea garden, where her grandmother taught tea ceremony, Kazuko enjoyed tending to the garden every day. She later developed her interest in gardens through study and her work as a certified guide and interpreter.


  • Tue
  • Mar 5
  • 8:15am–1pm (at the site)
  • Meeting point: Shinagawa station (JR Travel Office at Takanawa Exit)
  • Class Fee: ¥4,860
  • Transportation Fee: approx. ¥1,500yen + Optional Lunch ¥3,900
  • Cancellation deadline: Feb 26