Enrichment Programs

Whether you want to study a martial art, burn some calories in a dance class, start a new creative hobby or just meet like-minded people, the Club has dozens of classes to meet every interest, fitness level and personal goal.

Fast Pass to Fitness
Tied directly to your membership account, the revamped group fitness pass means there’s no need to carry physical tickets or figure out which color fits what lesson. Just purchase a passbook (¥12,000 for 10 uses) at the second-floor Recreation Desk, sign up for your favorite one- or two-pass group fitness class and show up to the Club ready to give it your all on your path to looking and feeling great.

By registering, Members accept the inherent risks in activities where social distancing requirements cannot be followed, and they agree not to hold the Club liable in the case of injury, illness or contraction of COVID-19 during these activities.

Group Fitness Schedule
Jan 11–17
Jan 18–24
Jan 25–31

Atami Baien Plum Garden–Postponed

Travel to the popular hot-spring resort town of Atami to stroll among hundreds of different species of plum tree in historic Atami Plum Garden, which opened in 1886.


Jindaiji Daruma Festival

Make a wish with a traditional daruma doll sold from one of the 300 stalls on the grounds of one of Tokyo’s oldest temples.


Lavender Farm & Historic Kawagoe

Experience the largest lavender festival in Japan with over 50,000 lavender plants over eight hectares of land, including rare, white lavender blooms.


Nokogiriyama Hike

Hike to a sprawling Buddhist temple site cut into sheer cliffs in southern Chiba Prefecture.


Todoroki Valley & Kuhonbutsu

Escape into a forested valley just 30 minutes by train from the Club.


Yamanashi Winery & Peach Blossoms

After the cherry blossoms fall, Yamanashi Prefecture’s peach trees bloom.