Enrichment Programs

Whether you want to study a martial art, burn some calories in a dance class, start a new creative hobby or just meet like-minded people, the Club has dozens of classes to meet every interest, fitness level and personal goal.


Fast Pass to Fitness
Tied directly to your membership account, the revamped group fitness pass means there’s no need to carry physical tickets or figure out which color fits what lesson.


Just purchase a passbook (¥12,000 for 10 uses) at the second-floor Recreation Desk, sign up for your favorite one- or two-pass group fitness class and show up to the Club ready to give it your all on your path to looking and feeling great.


Download Group Fitness Schedules
Jan 27–Feb 2
Feb 3–Feb 9
Feb 10–Feb 16
Feb 17–Feb 23
Feb 24–Mar 1

Japanese Garden Walks: Kanda River

In northeast Tokyo, tour the favorite greens of ukiyo-e artists and feudal lords alike.


Japanese Garden Walks: Kawagoe

Step back in time on this visit to “Little Edo’s” early modern castle and gardens.


Japanese Garden Walks: Sankeien

Tour the once-private grounds of a millionaire’s estate.


The Japanese Table

An ultimate guide to Japanese tablesettings and food presentation.


Tokyo’s Contemporary Art: Opening Night

Are you ready for the Tokyo art scene’s biggest night of the year?


Tokyo’s Contemporary Art: Roppongi Galleries

A tour de force of the most vibrant galleries in Tokyo’s most electric neighborhood.


Traditions in Tea Ceremony

Experience the finest in Japanese elegance and hospitality.


Washi Papermaking

Visit a traditional washi paper workshop and craft your own sheets just as artisans did a millennium ago.


Keeping The Club Safe: Coronavirus Update

Tokyo American Club has introduced a series of measures to help safeguard the health of Members, guests and staff.

Learn about the latest actions in an email from Club Representative Governor, Michael Alfant or check the Club website for recent updates.