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Good Things Brewing INDEPTH | Sake

Good Things Brewing

Ahead of a Club sake brewery tour to Fukushima, two local producers discuss their expansion plans.

There’s something magical about walking into a sake brewery. The traditional kura warehouse, the giant vats and the sweet scent of fermented yeast.

Stuck on Sake INDEPTH | Sake

Stuck on Sake

Ahead of a Club dinner of Tohoku’s Daishichi sake next month, three Members discuss their passion for Japan’s national drink.

In 2017, Japan shipped a record 23 million liters of sake overseas. At home, however, nine prefectures consumed more sake separately than all the country’s exports combined. And while the beverage’s popularity may be waning among younger Japanese drinkers, each year Tokyo drinks three times as much sake as ever makes it out of Japan.

Birthday Brew INDEPTH | Sake

Birthday Brew

Premier sake brand Hakkaisan releases a commemorative sake for the Club’s 90th birthday.

Sake is much more than a drink in Japan. For hundreds of years, the rice-based alcohol has been an integral part of customs, sacred Shinto rituals and ceremonies. It has been used to mark seasons, pledge friendships, ward off evil spirits and celebrate milestones.