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Now We’re Talking Indepth | Toastmasters

Now We’re Talking

The Club’s band of Toastmasters offers warm words and support to those looking to raise their public-speaking game.

I was never shy about speaking in front of people, but I knew that I was far from a good speaker. I wanted to change that.

Stand and Deliver Indepth | Toastmasters

Stand and Deliver

What makes a good public speaker? According to the Club’s Toastmasters chapter, perseverance, diligence and the courage to fail.

It wasn’t Makoto Ishiwata’s first speech, but he had never had to deliver one via the online Zoom platform before.

Learning to Engage from the Stage Indepth | Toastmasters

Learning to Engage from the Stage

Two members of the TAC Toastmasters Club discuss the benefits of raising their public speaking game.

Speaking in front of people is a necessary part of the job for Paul Timmons. But as managing director of an IT company, he wanted to learn how best to do it. The Irishman turned to the Club’s Toastmasters group in July 2017.