Life Membership

Members who leave Japan but who foresee returning to the country for family visits, business or another reason may wish to become Life Members.

This type of membership entitles the Member to use the Club for up to 60 days a year. Contact the Membership Office to discuss this option.

Please read the rules and Club usage information below and, for ease of Club use when you return, register online before your next visit as a Life Member.

  • A Life Member in good standing visiting Japan may use the facilities of the Club for up to 60 days per calendar year. A daily fee of ¥1,200 is charged per membership.
  • Membership status conversion is necessary if a Life Member wants to use the Club facilities for more than 60 days per calendar year.
  • Regardless of membership status, Members are prohibited from being registered as a guest while visiting the Club.
  • Life Members enjoy full reciprocal club privileges.
  • Life Members returning as residents of Japan must convert back to Regular Membership, and will be charged regular dues from the date of return. In addition, they are required to pay an extra ¥125,000 to maintain the mandatory deposit of ¥200,000.
  • Members are ineligible for transfers, changes or conversions while their membership is in a state of delinquency. Members converting to Life Membership can settle their final statement by credit card.
  • Life Members have no voting privileges.

  • Life Members must register at Member Services or the Membership Office and show their passport, return ticket, reservation confirmation or other official documentation as proof of continuous residence outside of Japan to reactivate their membership status on the first day of each visit.
  • To activate a card in advance of a visit, Life Members are recommended to register online (Life Members must still visit Member Services or the Membership Office on the first day of each visit).
  • Life Members may continue to carry their membership cards. However, they receive no monthly statement and must settle all charges by credit card or direct debit.

The Club's seven stylish Guest Studios on the fourth floor are perfect for your visit.

The spacious, individually designed rooms (images below), which run from modern chic to traditional Japanese, feature Simmons beds, Hungarian goose down duvets, Egyptian cotton linens, 50" high-definition TVs, Parrot sound systems and Wi-Fi access.

Request a reservation here.