29 Mar 2022

Vaccination Center Recognition

Minato City has recognized the Club for its efforts to set up a Covid-19 vaccination center last year.

Masaaki Takei, Minato's mayor, awarded Sam Rogan, the Club's first vice president, and General Manager Darren Morrish with a certificate of appreciation on March 25.

Rogan initiated and led the vaccination center project, which ran from last July to September.

More than 25,000 people, including local residents, Club Members and staff, received two doses of the Moderna vaccine over the summer.

One of seven Minato vaccination sites, the Club's B2 center administered around 30 percent of all shots in the Tokyo ward.

Rogan reflects on how the initiative came together in his column "Community Effort."

Read more about the project in the August 2021 issue of INTOUCH magazine.

Photo (l–r): Club General Manager Darren Morrish, Minato Ward Mayor Masaaki Takei and Club First Vice President Sam Rogan