07 Jan 2021

Club Awarded Iconic Status

The Club has made The BoardRoom magazine's list of top private clubs for a third time.

It was named as an Iconic Distinguished Club by the California-based Association of Private Club Directors.

Distinguished Clubs is an award program that recognizes private clubs that provide exceptional member experience.

Iconic status is bestowed on clubs with "good standing" that were founded at least 75 years ago.

Participating clubs are evaluated by a team of industry specialists.

The Club is the only Distinguished Club outside the United States.

09 Dec 2020

Connections Earmarks Funds for Local Charities

The Club's Connections group plans to donate ¥5 million to local charities in 2021.

In a year that has seen the Covid-19 pandemic decimate economies, many nonprofits have struggled to keep up with the increased demand on their services.

"Without the support of Connections, these organizations cannot fully support all of the pressing needs in our broader community," says Connections President Heidi Regent. "The pandemic has sharply cut into their funding and financial stability."

Regent says Connections selected charities particularly affected by the crisis, such as Second Harvest Japan food bank, Sanyukai homeless shelter, TELL counseling services and Resilience, a women's support group.

"Charity is one of our three pillars at Connections," she says. "We recognize our own abundant blessings and take great pride in helping those less fortunate in Tokyo."

The other charities set to receive funds raised by Connections are A Dream A Day in Tokyo, Animal Refuge Kansai, Family House and the Salvation Army Japan (pictured).

17 Nov 2020

New Club Board Unveiled

At the Club's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 17, seven Members were elected to the Club's Board of Governors.

At the first Board meeting following the AGM, Michael Benner was selected to serve as representative governor for a one-year term.

In other Board positions, Sam Rogan and Trista Bridges Bivens were named first and second vice president, respectively, with Jeffrey Behr taking up the role of secretary and Kenji Ota as treasurer.

Elected Governors
American Citizens
Michael Benner
Trista Bridges Bivens
Sam Rogan
Dean R Rogers
Christina Siegel

Japanese Citizens
Tetsutaro Muraki

Other Nationalities
Anthony Moore

Statutory Auditor
Koichi Komoda

In this year's Board election, 713 Voting Members cast their ballot.

12 Nov 2020

Fundraising Sale a Success

The recent, Connections-organized International Bazaar raised nearly ¥4 million for local charities.

The three-day, annual sale, which ran from November 8 to 10, drew more than 1,000 shoppers and saw almost ¥20 million in sales, surpassing last year's figure.

"The joy that this event brought to our community—local vendors, shoppers, volunteers and staff—made the planning, preparations and hard work so worthwhile," says Connections President Heidi Regent.

Connections supports a number of local nonprofits through its sales, charity drives and other fundraising efforts.

28 Oct 2020

Remembering Minette Nakamichi

The Club is saddened to announce the untimely passing of longtime Club employee Minette Nakamichi.

Joining the Club's Membership Office in December 2000, she touched the lives of countless Members over her 20 years of conducting Club tours and guiding newcomers through the process of settling into the Club.

Originally from Singapore, Minette moved to Japan more than 30 years ago.

A keen cook and foodie, Minette's colleagues appreciated her Tokyo restaurant tips and the freshly baked chiffon cakes she would bring to the office.

She is survived by her two daughters.