28 Apr 2022

Nihonbashi Club Wins Second Design Award

Tokyo American Club Nihonbashi has won a second prestigious award for its interior design.

The Club was named in the iF Design Award list of winners for 2022. The recognition follows the Club's Good Design Award last year.

The clubhouse's iconic, wooden ceiling was one feature highlighted by the panel of judges.

"The consistent use of fine materials and detailing, lighting technique, original furnishings and art collection make the spaces of a truly exceptional quality," the award organizers said in a statement.

Architect and Nihonbashi Club Member Daishi Yoshimoto led the design project.

"We are very proud and excited that our design was recognized by a major international design award program," he says. "It's another win for the Nihonbashi team and Members."

The Nihonbashi Club, located on the sixth floor of Nihonbashi Muromachi Mitsui Tower, opened in March 2021.

The iF Design Award was established in 1953 in Hanover, originally to promote German design.

Image: Nacása & Partners

26 Apr 2022

Club Restaurants Switch to Sugarcane Straws

The Club is replacing the paper straws in its restaurants with a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Starting in Rainbow Café and Café Med, drinks will be served with straws made from sugarcane.

“Sugarcane is far more sustainable than paper,” says Nathan Baggs, the Club’s beverage director. “For example, a sugarcane plant will reach maturity in about a year, so it can be harvested and planted annually.”

Since the straws feature polylactic acid, or PLA, extracted from tapioca starch, they are 100 percent plant-based and compostable.

19 Apr 2022

Remembering Daisuke Yuki

The Club is saddened to announce the untimely passing of Daisuke Yuki, its executive pastry chef.

Daisuke (pictured) joined the Club's pastry kitchen 19 years ago and was promoted to executive pastry chef in 2014.

Lindsay Gray, the Club's executive chef, described him as the "humblest yet most talented pastry chef I’ve ever known and a very, very good friend."

29 Mar 2022

Vaccination Center Recognition

Minato City has recognized the Club for its efforts to set up a Covid-19 vaccination center last year.

Masaaki Takei, Minato's mayor, awarded Sam Rogan, the Club's first vice president, and General Manager Darren Morrish with a certificate of appreciation on March 25.

02 Mar 2022

Club Welcomes New Honorary President

After more than two years, the Club, once again, has an honorary president.

By longstanding tradition, the United States ambassador to Japan also serves as the Club's honorary president.

Following his arrival in Japan earlier this year, US Ambassador Rahm Emanuel (pictured) has taken up that role.

“As newcomers to Japan, Amy and I were delighted to discover Tokyo American Club and have already become daily visitors,” he says. “The Club is an enormous asset to the American and international community here, and we look forward to meeting other Members. Thank you for making these two Chicago transplants feel so welcome!”